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Curriculum Intent Statement

Overall Curriculum Intent
The child is at the centre of what we do at SAIPS. Our curriculum is built on strong pedagogical principles, with every child encouraged to meet and achieve their potential. We make it our aim to discover what children are good at and use this to promote a positive attitude to learning. The diversity of our school population, comprised of over 13 different ethnicities, is reflected in the curriculum we deliver. It is broad and balanced, with opportunities for students to celebrate, share, and learn about their different cultural and spiritual beliefs.
The breadth of curriculum content allows students to explore through an enquiry-based curriculum where there are no limits to learning and there is a clear development of skills. The curriculum is about achievement, enjoyment, and enrichment.
Each subject area has a subject intent, whole school policy, and an annual action plan which outlines development opportunities and clearly links with the school strategic plan.

Curriculum Impact
The impact of the curriculum is monitored though triangulation of outcomes: student voice, test/data outcomes, planning, monitoring of books and displays, lesson learning walks, discussions with teaching staff, students, and parents.
Students, parents, and staff are consistently and regularly consulted about the curriculum and the impact that it makes.
The desired outcomes of the curriculum will ensure that students are well rounded students, ready to embark on high school education. They will be equipped with the foundations and skills to achieve success in later education. Students will have an understanding of what they are good at and have developed skills to face their challenges.

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