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Science: Intent 

The intent of our Science curriculum is to give children a strong foundation of knowledge across all three areas of Science: Chemistry, Biology and Physics. We view our curriculum very much as a foundation curriculum for KS3 and KS4 Science and we have worked closely with high school Science teachers to ensure that our curriculum focuses on the things that matter. 

We have been precise in choosing and sequencing the knowledge we teach pupils. We have been ambitious, but concise. Through reducing extraneous information, we reduce cognitive load, which allows ALL pupils to learn. We have been particularly mindful of social disadvantage in our community when designing our curriculum. 

Our curriculum is also designed for pupils to develop their Scientific enquiry skills in a progressive way. We have a standardised enquiry format to ensure that the key skills are embedded year upon year. The aim of our Scientific enquiry curriculum is to allow pupils to apply their knowledge in a practical context. We are deliberate in where we place enquiry lessons and clear on their purpose - are they being used to teach knowledge or to apply it? Practical lessons can include teacher demonstrations, lessons which allow pupils to observe closely and investigations which allow pupils to apply their knowledge and skills. We do not use investigations as a tool for children to self-learn or discover for themselves complicated Scientific concepts. Rather, we teach the knowledge first and then model how to apply this knowledge in a practical context. We work hard to teach the children how to evaluate their investigations, looking for improvements and posing further questions.

We hope that our curriculum inspires children to pursue further studies in Science and even pursue careers in Science. For this reason, we intend our curriculum, both through lessons and through our wider hidden curriculum, to teach children about diverse famous Scientists, scientific progress in the past and present, and to allow them to see themselves in the future of Science. 

Details of our Science curriculum:

  • Science is taught through Continuous Provision in the Early Years Foundation Stage 

  • From Years 1-6, Science is taught weekly for 90 minutes. 

  • Our curriculum meets all the objectives laid out in the National Curriculum. The non-statutory notes and guidance have been considered and, in many cases, included in our curriculum.

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