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St. Andrew's believes that all children, regardless of ability and behaviour, should be valued at its institution. Therefore, all children’s needs are recognized and met through varied and flexible provision throughout the curriculum. Children with special educational needs may need extra help because of a range of needs, such as  cognitive difficulties, physical or sensory difficulties, emotional and behavioural difficulties, or difficulties with speech and language or how they relate to and behave with other people. The School helps children overcome the barriers, their difficulties by presenting differentiated learning and small group intervention whilst other children will need more individualized support throughout their time in school.


Structure of SEN

St. Andrew's uses The Code of Practice as its general framework for the provision of learning support at its institution. Principles for the Code as used by SAIPS are:

  • All children with special educational needs should have those needs met.

  • The special educational needs of children where possible are met in the   mainstream (ordinary) settings.

  • Parents’ views will be considered and the wishes of the child, where appropriate, should be listened to.

  • Parents have a vital role in supporting their child’s education.

  • Children with special educational needs should receive a broad, well-balanced, and relevant education.

The structure of SEN Classes includes:

  1. Inclusive Environment: Our Primary School SEN classes create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where every child feels valued and supported.

  2. Specialist Teachers: Our dedicated team of SEN educators possesses the expertise and compassion to cater to each student’s individual needs, ensuring personalized attention and guidance.

  3. Small Groups Settings: Classes are structured in small groups to facilitate personalised learning experience, allowing teachers to tailor instruction according to each child’s unique requirement.

  4. Adaptive Curriculum: Our curriculum is flexible and adaptable, incorporating diverse teaching methods and resource to accommodate different learning styles and abilities.

At SAIPS, we also believe that children at the higher end of the ability range also have special educational needs and have the right to have those needs met. Provision is covered by differentiated teaching and intervention groups to develop mastery.



This includes assessment programs such as:

  • Teacher observation and marking of work.

  • National Curriculum Targets.

  • SATS.

  • Reading and spelling assessments.

  • P Scales for children working below Level 1 of NC.

  • B-Squared Connecting steps for assessments and reports.

  • Individual Education Plans (IEP): Each student in our SEN classes has a personalized education plan, outlining specific learning goals and strategies tailored to their strength.


  • Assistive Technology: SEN classes leverage assistive technology tools and resources to facilitate learning. From text-to speech software and adaptive keyboards, these technologies empower students to overcome barriers and engage effectively with the curriculum.

  • Multisensory learning: utilizing a multisensory approach, SEN classes integrate auditory, visual, and experiences to enhance learning and retention.  This holistic approach caters to diverse learning preferences and maximizes student engagement.

  • Emotional and Behavioural Support: In additional to academic assistance, SEN classes prioritize emotional and behavioural support, and counselling to help student navigate social interactions and development essential life skills.

  • Specialist Teachers: the presence of specialist teachers who possess the knowledge, skills, and empathy to address the diverse needs of students. These educators may have specialised training in areas such as special education, speech therapy, or behaviour management. Moreover, ongoing professional development and collaboration with multidisciplinary teams can ensure that teachers stay abreast of best practice and evidence-based intervention in SEN education.



At St. Andrew's International Primary School, we are committed to nurturing the unique talents and potential of every child. Our SEN classes provide a supportive and enriching environment where all students can flourish academically, socially, and emotionally.

Call to Action

Explore our SEN class and discover how we can support your child’s individual learning journey.  Together, let’s celebrate diversity and unlock every child’s potential.

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