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Importance of English at SAIPS

A constant and underpinning feature of St. Andrew’s International School, since its establishment in 1938, has been high levels of English. Enabling, empowering, and equipping our students to be confident, versatile, and accomplished users of English, is a key attribute of a SAIPS education. 

The curriculum, and the use of English, is closely aligned to levels and standards taught in schools in England and Wales. All teaching and learning, apart from our Modern Languages lessons, takes place through the medium of English.


Although many families of the school are not English speakers, the structured support, systematic teaching, and high expectations enable our students to flourish and become confident, articulate, and fluent users. The youngest students are fully immersed in an English-speaking environment, exposing them to the language from an early age, whilst simultaneously being taught and guided through a range of learning experiences. As the students move up through the year groups, progressive development, matched by increased demands, enable our students to reach levels of academic English comparable to native speakers. As English permeates all subject areas, the students’ use of language, levels of understanding and ability to communicate in a wide range of contexts are impressive.   


Not only is English taught within the curriculum but it is also the cornerstone of daily school life. Staff hold high expectations about the correct use of English in less formal surroundings, always correcting and supporting development.  


Additionally, SAIPS staff constantly search for opportunities to enhance English outside of school. Participation in international competitions, in activities such as debate, poetry and music, further extend our students. These opportunities, combined with a clear understanding of the importance of English in the world today, makes the development of this attribute one of the fundamental components of all our work within St. Andrew’s International Primary School.

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