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Dr Louise Afran


Maya Stewart


Claire Anderson-Shabir

Committee Member

Melody Matare

Teaching Assistant

Corie Anderson

Parent Engagement Officer

Our PTA support our community events, such as the very succesful annual Africa Day.

PTA Parent running the KS2 after-school cookery club.

The St. Andrew’s International Primary School Parent Teacher Association, (PTA), has been established to bring together parents and teachers to support the school and assist us to continue to provide a high quality and broad education for our children.

All parents/guardians of students enrolled in SAIPS are members of the PTA. An executive committee to represent the parent bodies in working with the school’s administration and teachers, is elected annually at Annual General Meetings. This committee comprises a minimum of four members, all of whom have children enrolled in the campus. 


A. Objectives

The objectives of the Parent Teacher Association shall be to:
1. Support the Mission, Philosophy and Objectives of the School by:
1.1 Encouraging all members of the parent community to actively support the School’s mission,
2. Support and enrich the School community through:
2.1 Encouraging parents to promote, organize and support cultural events.
2.2 Organizing social events to foster links within the community, including welcoming new parents and community members.
2.3 Promoting the image of the School by assisting with marketing and promotion activities.

3. Raise funds for School activities/resources or for wider community activities endorsed by the School, through various events.

4. Act as a parent representational body by:
a) Bringing general and specific school issues to the attention of the school through the appropriate channels.
b) Advising and guiding parents on the correct procedures for raising individual and classroom/educational issues with management.
c) Notifying parents on the outcome of specific issues discussed with management through the PA minutes.

B. Membership

Any parent or legal guardian of any student currently enrolled in St. Andrew’s International Primary School shall be a voting member of the Parent Teacher Association. Members of the professional staff shall be non-voting members of the PTA.

C. Annual General Meeting

The PTA will hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) once per school year before the  meeting of the Board. All members of the PTA and all members of the professional staff on that campus are invited to attend. The agenda for the PTA AGM shall be set by the existing PTA Committee and shall be circulated to all members and professional staff at least one month before the date of the AGM. The quorum at an AGM shall be fifteen members.

For further information regarding become a member of the PTA, or becoming your child’s class PTA Parent, fundraising ideas or anything else concerning the PTA, please contact the PTA Chair, currently Ms. Louise Afran on

We look forward to welcoming you onto the team!

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