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Welcome to St. Andrews International Primary School. Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our school; I am sure this website will provide much information but, in keeping with its warm and friendly daily environment, I strongly encourage a visit and for you to see first-hand the school and its truly outstanding features.


The school is set on a spacious campus, well-situated in the popular residential area of Sunnyside.  The campus can accommodate 400 students from the age of 14 months to 11 years in purpose-built, and well-situated facilities. Classrooms are bright and airy, all with interactive white boards.  The school is well resourced, offering two swimming pools, an extensive field, tennis courts, a specious hall, Forest Classroom, Media Suite, Dance Studio and a well-stocked library. Over 13 different nationalities are represented within the school community, bringing a rich cultural diversity, with Malawian nationals being the largest group.


Mrs. Michelle Massey

The school cultivates a warm, friendly, and family-centred environment, in part supported by the small size of the school, but also the close working relationships between students, staff and parents and pedagogical techniques and strategies used for teaching and learning.


Inspiring socially responsible, lifelong learners synthesizes the school’s Vision and Mission. In working towards this goal, the school facilitates a wealth of learning opportunities to prepare our students to become informed, compassionate, and inspired future custodians of the world. Wellbeing and global citizenship are key components of our current work and outlined within our School Strategic Plan (SSP).  


The school’s curriculum and teaching cultivate inquisitive and enquiring minds, capable of independent thought and prepared for the future in the 21st Century. SAIPS graduates access and excel in secondary education and beyond – giving our school a truly international reach. 


One overriding feature of SAIPS is a consistent drive for improvement; a commitment that ensures a dynamic learning environment where best practice and endeavour is sought and expected from all. This feature permeates all areas of the school from one-to-one work with students to collaborative staff development to whole school strategic development. It is a commitment based on our desire for continual improvement and to extend the education we provide. 


It is a privilege to be a member of such a wonderful school and celebrate outstanding student achievement on a daily basis. Being a not-for-profit organisation ensures that education priorities are always to the fore in our planning and decision-making processes, with the daily school management being the responsibility of the senior leadership team and an elected Board of guiding the strategic development and financial management of the institution.

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