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History: Intent

Topics covered through the EYFS years allow children to explore their own personal history. 

The topics in KS1 begin with units focusing in more depth on the children’s personal history.  
Topics then cover the lives of significant people, changes in living memory, events beyond living memory and local history.

KS2 topics are taught in broadly chronological order, from Stone Age in Year 3 to World War 2. This is designed so that the children develop their chronological understanding of world history. 

The Maya unit has been placed in Year 6 as it was felt that some of the more gruesome details of this civilization’s belief system would be better suited to UKS2 children. The design of this specific unit of work also allows children to compare the Maya civilization to previous topics they have studied.

Our curriculum design has recently been refined to ensure that Black History is integral to the topics. 

Our units of work are designed to answer an overarching question. This creates genuine historical enquiry and focusses the lessons. Pupils outcomes are assessed by a written answer to the overarching question. 

Outcomes will be a mixture of book work but we also highly value the use of drama in delivering the curriculum. Where possible, we use other curriculum subjects to support the teaching of History, for example through art or English. 

We use external educational external visits, along with guests to school, to support our teaching wherever possible.

Note: At St. Andrew’s, each term covers a combination of History and Geography topics under the umbrella of Humanities.

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