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Writing: Intent 

Our Writing Curriculum is based on a careful sequencing of the objectives laid out in the British National Curriculum, coupled with a carefully curated range of Core Texts to inspire writing, which represent a broad range of genres, cultures and times.

Our Core Texts have been deliberately selected to broaden the children's knowledge and to build and grow their schema each year by exposing them to different genres and styles of writing. For example, Black History texts are woven through the curriculum up to Year 6. This means children can build on prior knowledge and make connections with things they have learnt previously. 

By the time they leave SAIPS, children will be able to analyse the writing of others, plan, draft, write and edit an extended piece of writing. They will have control over their use of language so that they can write in a variety of styles and for different purposes. They will enjoy writing and feel confident doing it.

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